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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit- Nairobi, Kenya

The goal of this project is the establishment of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Nairobi, Kenya. In August 2010, Pulse officers travelled to Kenya to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a PICU, in collaboration with one of the premier hospitals in Kenya. Once the space is adequately equipped and using innovative telemedicine technology, PULSE will provide free consultation for the PICU that will allow Pediatric Intensivists/ Pulse volunteers to provide real-time consultation on difficult cases and provide lectures to ICU staff.

pulse nairobiIn March 2011, a multi-disciplinary team of pediatric nurse specialists, ICU nurses and Pediatric Intensivists will be in Nairobi to participate in a week long workshop where nurses and pediatricians will be trained in the essential skills necessary to provide medical support to a critical child during the first 48 hours of illness.

Indeed, a critical period exists within the first 24-48hours to rescue a child from succumbing to severe illness. In the same mission pulse officials will begin the ground work to establish a Newborn Nursery/ Neonatal Special Care Unit in Machakos, Kenya, a rural district site which we hope to eventually link to the Nairobi PICU by an emergency transport system