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Pediatrics/Pediatric ICU at Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti to get a facelift!

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“It strikes me that the issues surrounding critical care are three: Realism, Dignity and Compassion.”Jacob Javits 1986
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Hats for Haiti!

Pretty in Pink
It’s a peculiar and rather endearing sight. A colorful and eclectic array of hats adorns the heads of every infant admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York. Infants’ heads are much larger in proportion to their bodies such that in Neonatology it is recognized that a significant amount of heat is lost from their heads.

In premature, low birth weight infants this heat loss is amplified such that a hat becomes life-saving right after breathing and circulation. Hypothermia off-sets the body’s crucial balance and can cause an infant to take a turn for the worse.


hats for haitiPerhaps this is why NICU nurses Crystal Petersen and Nanton knit these colorful hats for the babies admitted to the Unit. The yarn is donated by NICU staff and knitted by these nurses in their free time. The project is warmly supported by staff and appreciated by the parents. Every baby who leaves the NICU gets to go home with at least one!

These special gifts of their hearts and hands will be donated to help newborn babies in Haiti. Proceeds from the purchase of a hat for your little one will be used to purchase supplies for the pediatric ICU in Diquini, Haiti. Hats may also be purchased and donated to warm an infant born in Diquini, Haiti.