Pulse, Pediatric Universal Life-Saving Effort
Bridging the gap. Building futures

News& Events

Pediatrics/Pediatric ICU at Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti to get a facelift!

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Our work

“It strikes me that the issues surrounding critical care are three: Realism, Dignity and Compassion.”Jacob Javits 1986
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Hats for Haiti! It’s a peculiar and rather endearing sight. A colorful and eclectic array of hats 
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Our Mission

To rescue a child’s future and maybe even a generation by donating our resources, our time and our talents.  To persuade others to share their gifts that will enrich the lives of children and their environment. 

About us

Pulse, Pediatric Universal Life-Saving Effort Inc., is a non-profit organization registered in the State of New York, and was created out of necessity to address a need that we as pediatric health care professionals recognized as a substantial disparity in access to quality, specialized intensive care services for children, particularly in developing countries.

We started out thinking about how we can bring our knowledge and expertise in a very specific field of medicine to children within the developing world and realized we could use our position to bring attention to more than just the deficiencies in healthcare for infants and children.
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